The Apico Difference

Limitless customizations

The Face of the cabents

The doors of the cabinetry are one of the most important things, the door style can dictate the look and feel of the kitchen, whether its contemporary, transitional, or traditional. we have hundreds of styles to choose from and you can even mix and match the trims of the doors essentially creating thousands of new styles.


The color of the kitchen can also be customized to your specifications, there are 2 main categories of finishes each with their own benefits and esthetics painted and stained. Painted Kitchens typically come in shades of sold colors, whites, off-whites, greys with painted cabinetry you cant see the wood underneath the color. The second category is stained, here you can see the underlying veins and patterns of the wood but with an added layer of color, these typically are the browns and reds, however, we have even done blue and orange. painted kitchens tend to be significantly more expensive than stained cabinetry due to the tedious and time-consuming nature of painting a kitchen. in either case, there are essentially a limitless supply of colors to choose from, or we can make a custom color just for you. in the past we have matched sentimental furniture or pictures

Construction & Color of the inside cabinet

Not only can the color of the inside of the cabinetry be customized, so can the material used to build them. There are two fundamentally different materials that can be used, Plywood (left) and particle board (right). they both have their pros and cons. Particle board is generally less expensive and is less susceptible to warping due to humidity and temperature fluctuations. On the other hand, plywood is seen as the superior material because of its ability to hold mechanical fasteners better than particleboard and by extension becomes more durable. in terms of customizing the color of the inside of the cabinet, we have hundreds of different colors in particleboard and plywood has a layer of wood that we can paint or stain to any color you may want.

Everything else

With over 20 years of designing and building custom kitchens, vanities, and wall units, we have done things like embedding tv’s in the backsplash of the kitchen, motorizing a painting to reveal a tv behind it, and more recently creating “smart Kitchens” that are voice and sensor controlled.

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