A few Kitchen Design tips

Here are a few kitchen design tips and tricks that we’ve used over the years hopefully it’ll make your renovation a little easier.

Granite Countertops

When choosing granite countertops opt for darker colors with less porosity and high durability since lighter colors have a tendency to absorb oils and stain easily. The counter top and floor should be complimentary by matching tone, not necessarily color. Having a uniform color scheme works best with an array of underlying tones. For example, when choosing a white color scheme, mixing tones and textures create a sense of warmth and depth unlike the monotonous oversaturation of hospital rooms.



For rooms that lack natural light, choosing lighter colors create the illusion brightness and more space. Following home décor rules too rigidly make a space impersonal; add your personal touch through mixing soft and hard surfaces, balancing warm and cool tones and harmonizing bold and neutral colors.



When it comes to interior design, the details are what matter. Getting creative with handles can tie an entire kitchen together by creating consistency, especially for larger spaces. Ornate backsplashes add huge impact without occupying space while clean flooring is a neutral foundation to build upon.



Playing with lighting also adds dimension while serving a practical purpose. Remember to add lighting above areas that are in constant use to prevent eye fatigue.