High Gloss White & Walnut Kitchen

This modern Walnut and White kitchen harmoniously blends the contrasting textures to create light and depth.


Storage is prioritized without sacrificing the integrity of design. A noteworthy feature about this kitchen is the gallery layout on the right side; the ample amount of storage above and below the countertop allows easy access for food preparation. The cabinets to the left provide maximum counter space to maximize the utility of the square-footage. The garbage disposal unit fitted into the cabinet is both ergonomic and aesthetic in design.

The contrast between the high-gloss stainless steel and sustainable walnut wood fuses classic with modern and balanced by the pale blue backsplash. A sense of space is induced by the Cesar Stone white quartz countertops while the rich wood adds warmth. Maintaining symmetry creates an illusion of larger space as does maintaining¬†a cohesive minimalism throughout the design. By prioritizing lineage and sleek appliances, the kitchen’s brightness is enhanced.