One of the most striking features of this kitchen is the custom-made range hood along with the the double stacked cabinetry. Because the ceiling was a little over 9 feet, we are able to pull off this timeless look without making the space feel small.


To give the countertop a flowing look, we matched the granite counter with the backsplash. On the Island, the counter top hangs off by 13 inches to accommodate the stools. Being able to sit in the kitchen for a quick bite is definitely very convenient, while having the sink on the island allows anyone using it not to be isolated or disconnected.

In order to achieve this continuous look, we wanted to use the trim kit on the fridge in order to attach custom paneling to it.


There are two main challenges that we came across while designing this kitchen. The first is a vertical pipe that is about a third of the way in the kitchen. The granite backsplash was selected to wrap around the pipe in order to blend the cabinets together. the cabinets above and below we’re notched out so that they remain functional. The second issue was the vent that goes along the top of the kitchen in a bulkhead. What we did was run the pipes between the ceiling and the top of the cabinetry, behind the crown moulding. This is allows for more than enough room for the vents.


We custom made a built in exhasut hood to match the cabinetry. it hosues a massive 1200 CFM exhaust which is more than enough for the five 15,000 BTU burners that the 36″  wolf range has.