10 cool tech kitchen appliances

Jenn-Air Culinary Center Wall Oven

The Jenn Air wall oven is equipped with 2 V2TM powerful convection elements and the 3,400-watt vertical fan convection system designed to achieve more precise culinary results. The second feature that caught our attention is the 7” LCD display. This feature allows users to select what they are cooking and how they would like it prepared (No more overcooked roast!). Taking these selections into consideration, the oven adjusts cooking temperature and time accordingly. With Wi-Fi connectivity, the mobile app connects you to your oven tracking the cooking process on the go!

Jenn-Air Accolade ventilation system

This ventilation system evidently appealing to the eye, is designed with glass and steel. When not in use, the hood becomes hidden in the countertop. Although aesthetically stunning, this design is not as efficient as a range hood and needs more adjustments to perform on par with its competition.


Hacker kitchen “Silent move” counter

With the modern minimalistic style rising in popularity, the demand for clean cut uncluttered space is rising. The Silent Move countertop made by Hacker Kitchens caters to this . A system of worktops in 12-mm thick granite slides apart to expose the kitchen sink and cooktop and slides closed for a clean cut look. The design comes in 13 different granites, 5 synthetic stone and 2 ceramic surfaces. SHOULD I SAY PROBABLY NEED TO IMPORT IT BECAUSE NOT PRDUCED HERE

Samsung Family Hub refrigerator

The Samsung 4 French door refrigerator includes a WiFi enabled touch screen with a programed calendar, notepad and photos app bringing back the 90’s fridge full of notes, photos and a busy calendar! The touchscreen includes recipe applications, Pandora the music app, has a surf the web option and allows you to place orders for delivery from your local grocery stores. All the parts needed to make a meal are all brought to one ‘hub’ making the cooking experience just a little bit easier.

Anova Sous Vide

Sous Vide precision cooking has been around for hundreds of years. Anova released a device that can be attached to any pot to bring sous vide to the home. Connected your mobile device, the app allows you to start and stop cooking from anywhere. It regulates the temperature based on what it is that is cooking and how you want it cooked so that you can have a perfectly cooked medium rare steak ready for you right when you get home!



Smarter coffee

Also connected to your mobile device, this coffee grind and brew machine will have a fresh pot ready right when you wake up or when you come home. You can adjust the strength of the coffee and the number of cups desired. This machine grinds the beans and cleans itself, giving you extra time to relax and really enjoy your fresh cup.




One touch faucets

These one touch faucets have been around for a while and are still definitely a tech plus to have in the kitchen. The Moen one touch faucets are the ones we use here at Apico Kitchens. When cutting raw chicken or rolling dough, you won’t have to get your faucet dirty.


Drop is a scale that is wirelessly connected to any iOS device. This precise scale measures all of the ingredients needed for your recipe in one bowl, making cooking easier and much more efficient. The recipes on the iPad app guide you through cooking and baking with precise steps and no need for measuring cups just stop pouring when the app says so!


Miito is an elegant and an environmentally sustainable way to make your tea. You place your cup or pot on the base, put in the metal rod and just choose your desired temperature. The base creates an electromagnetic field around the rod using induction to heat the water. It does takes longer for a pot or cup to boil using Miito than using a microwave but we believe that what it lacks in efficiency, it makes up for in sustainability and aesthetics.

Prep pad

The Orange Chef Prep Pad is designed to make your healthy eating lifestyle easier and more (let’s just say it) realistic. Instead of having to stick to packaged foods with nutrition facts, the scale connected wirelessly to the iOS compatible app allows you to prepare fresh food while still managing your nutritional intake. The app keeps track of your meals and their nutritional value and even provides USDA approved recommendations of nutritional balance personalized for you!